Terminal FLow

Four Process Based Pieces from Glacier Data

More than a fascinating concept...eminently enjoyable
— Buzz Magazine
 © Håkon Grønning / hgrfoto.wordpress.com

© Håkon Grønning / hgrfoto.wordpress.com

A fantastic example of putting into sound the retreat of large sheets of ice in faraway places that most people will never see, but that will eventually impact all of us
— Aural Premenition

Terminal Flow is a collection of four pieces composed from 100 years of Norwegian glacier data.

It was made using a process called data sonification that allows data to shape music and sound. In this case, data has been used to shape the melody and texture. This has resulted in four minimal compositions, each made from the data of a separate glacier (Engabreen, Bondhubreen, Jostedal and Hellstugubreen). 

The extent to which each glacier has retreated as a result of global warming in the time period chosen is represented musically through the fragmentation of the melodies in the composition.