Early Versions & Other Songs.

Sketch #2: Polytemporal Composition

"Multiplicities are defined by the outside: by the abstract line, the line of flight or deterritorialization according to which they change in nature and connect with other multiplicities."

Polytemporal composition for strings.

Cross rhythm are played between Cello / Viola and Violins with each instrument playing at a different tempo, creating an ever changing rhythmic and arhythmic movement.

Cello 90bpm
Viola 110bpm
Violin 130bpm
Violin 150bpm

Sketch #1: Improvisation (Piano & Electronics)

A minimal piano & electronics improvisation, based around one chord.

This sketch is influenced by John Cage and ideas in Zen philosophy, although rather than inviting a listener to perceive natural sounds as 'musical' in and of themselves (4'33), this piece situates environmental sounds in the frame of a tonal composition, allowing them to be experienced through the part of awareness already attuned to music.

This changes contexts through which environmental sounds are perceived.  For example, sirens can become musical textures rather than signals of crisis, heavy machinery can become a rhythmic texture instead of intrusive noise and background traffic may become a drone etc. 

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