Sketch #2 (Polytemporal)

Here's another sketch, this time of a polytemporal composition for strings.

Cross rhythms are played by Cello / Viola and Violins with each instrument playing at a different tempo, creating an ever changing rhythmic and arhythmic movement.

More information can be found here.

OWLET015 - Terminal Flow

An EP I worked on last summer, Terminal Flow, is being released this month.

It's a collection of four pieces for keys composed of 100 years of data from four Norwegian glaciers. The fragmentation of the melody and texture allow you to hear audio representations of changes to the glaciers over this time.

It's officially out on the 30th of March.

Sketch #1

This sketch was made as part of a series of ambient pieces designed to let environmental sounds through silences and spaces in the composition.  It's influenced by John Cage and ideas in Zen philosophy, although rather than inviting the listener to perceive natural sounds as 'musical' in and of themselves (4'33), situates environmental sounds in the frame of a tonal composition, allowing them to be experienced through the part of awareness already attuned to music.

The point of this is to change the context through which environmental sounds are perceived.  When listened to in a city for example, sirens become musical textures rather than signals of crisis, heavy machinery becomes rhythmic texture over intrusive noise and background traffic becomes a drone etc.  This detachment from psychological reactions associated with sounds is meant to aid in 'awareness', 'mindfulness', 'being present', or whatever you want to call it.

Owlet Music

Owlet Music.jpg

Owlet Music has been inactive over the last couple of years.  I started the label in 2010 and it's been great watching it grow.  The last release was Winter Villains album, 'Once there were sparks' in June 2015 (I think).  During this time there was a lot of uncertainty about what form the label would take moving forward and so things were put on hold.

The point of this post is to say the label is back on and basically, to get you to look at / follow / join:

OWLET Instagram

OWLET Twitter

OWLET Soundcloud


P.S There's a new logo too

MIDI Probability Plugin

MIDI Probability

Here is a MIDI Probability for Max for Live. It was made for a project I'm currently working on. Putting it before or after other plugins in a chain will set the probability for how they function.  Very handy for generative music and creating spontaneous patterns.

Download it here.